Committed to the filtration and purification of industrial liquids

Whole house water purifier, Home & business water purification system
Small and medium water filter, Drinking water filter, Water filter for school & hotel
Household RO reverse osmosis membrane
Household water purifier filter, RO filter wholesale, Filter element for water purifier
Household water purifier filter element, water dispenser filter element
Filter element for water filtration, RO home, Filter element for pure water
High Flux RO Membrane Element
Have the Independent R & D and Production Capacity of the Membrane Flat Sheet.
Filter element for water purifier filtration
11 inches, three-point mouth, 10 inches, 20 inches.
Nonionic Polyacrylamide (NPAM), Water treatment chemicals
Polymer flocculant, Water treatment flocculant supplier
Cationic Polyacrylamide(CPAM), Flocculant
Water treatment chemicals, cationic polyacrylamide msds
Anionic Polyacrylamide (APAM), Polymer flocculant
Water treatment materials, anionic flocculant
Choline chloride 60%
Chemical formula: C5H14ClNO, CAS No: 67-48-1, HS Code: 2309901000
Choline chloride, Choline chloride 98%
Chemical formula: C5H14ClNO, CAS No: 67-48-1, HS Code: 2309901000
Carboxymethyl cellulose CMC, Drilling agent
Molecular formula: C8H16O8, CAS NO: 9000-11-7 & 177317-30-5, Molecular weight: 240.2078
Calcium bromide, Drilling chemicals
Molecular formula: CaBr2, CAS Number: 22208-73-7, Molecular weight: 235.98
Zinc Bromide, Oilfield chemicals, Drilling fluid additives
Molecular formula: ZnBr2, CAS number: 7699-45-8, Molecular weight: 225.217
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