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SHENZHEN HUA HE SHENG TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD & MALAYAIA TPS GLOBAL TRADING was established in 2007. The companies are located in Shenzhen, China and Port Klang, Malaysia. They are mainly engaged in industrial liquid purification and water treatment, solutions, systems and equipment.

Factory water treatment equipment, providing low-ion pure water, deionized ultrapure water treatment solutions and systems for factories, the system can meet food-grade water, industrial-grade water, chemical solution preparation water, boiler, condensation heat exchange circulating water, industrial special water, medicine Grade sterile ultrapure water, electronic grade high resistance ultrapure water, scientific research laboratory ultrapure water and other standards. Suitable industries: energy, steel, chemical, electroplating, electronics, printing and dyeing, coatings, beverages, medicine, breeding, municipal administration, etc.

Domestic water equipment & drinking water equipment, providing domestic water and drinking water for hospitals, hotels, schools, large shopping malls, communities, villas, resorts, playgrounds, dormitories, supermarkets, including places without running water, such as islands, remote factories, farms, etc. Solutions and system equipment, It can treat groundwater, surface water, river water, sea water, etc., to meet the standards of domestic water and drinking water.


Own advantage
The technical team has more than ten years of industry experience and technology accumulation. Involving energy, steel, chemical, electroplating, electronics, printing and dyeing, coatings, beverages, medicine, breeding, municipal administration and other industries.
The company has a complete product system and supporting supply. Provide customers with one-stop centralized procurement, simplify procurement and after-sales processes, and optimize overall costs. 
   Solution service has a strict workflow. Through information collection-problem analysis-technical evaluation-program combination-product selection-operation and maintenance-cost accounting-comprehensive evaluation. Finally, the best solution suitable for the actual situation of the customer is formed and the problem is solved thoroughly.
     Have a professional operation team and service insurance. From customer reception-information communication-technical communication-plan confirmation-business confirmation-order execution-logistics declaration-customer feedback. The division of labor is meticulous and the team serves all kinds of customers. Even customers who are purchasing internationally for the first time can do it easily, without worrying about risks and uncontrollable expenses.
1600400367844258.jpg     The company creates online + offline terminal services to enhance customer trust. At present, we have established a branch in Malaysia to communicate face-to-face with local customers, sign contracts directly, pay deposits and payment directly in local currency, and provide customers with delivery, after-sales, and consulting services. Customers believe and accept more, we will replicate in other countries and regions, and serve more customers who trust and choose us.

MALAYAIA TPS GLOBAL TRADING is located in Selangor, Malaysia, 20 kilometers from Port Klang. As a branch of Huahesheng, it is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Malaysian market, and provides direct offline business, delivery, after-sales and consulting services to local customers. Let customers experience a different one-stop international procurement service without risks, troubles and worries.


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