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Domestic water & drinking water system solutions
Application: Hotels, villas, resorts, playgrounds, schools, dormitories, shopping malls, supermarkets, communities, Factories, islands, ships
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Type of raw water that can be processed

Tap water, ground water, surface water, river water, sea water


System processing standards:

Domestic water standard

Drinking water standard

Important problems that the system can solve:

1. Improve water quality, solve the problem of unstable water quality of tap water, groundwater and surface water in water-deficient areas, and meet long-term domestic water requirements.

2. Maintain the water volume, ensure the water delivery pressure during accidental water cuts and peak water consumption, and ensure sufficient water storage to ensure the supply when the water volume of the water source is attenuated and polluted.

3. It solves the problem of the system stopping water and re-supplying, which produces a large amount of sediment, and avoids the secondary pollution of the water tank caused by restarting the water tank.


Function and design of water supply system:

1. Filtration function, using 50--100um precision filters to filter and purify the water of the primary water supply system, intercept and remove TSS with larger particle sizes such as sediment in the water, and prevent precipitation in the water storage tank. The use of sand, charcoal, filter bag, and filter element type filters requires manual backwashing and regular replacement of sand, charcoal, bag type, and filter elements. If a disc filter is used, it can be automatically backwashed with a service life of 5-10 years.

2. Water storage function, using a water storage tank to store a certain amount of water to ensure that there is still water available after water and power outages.

3. Sterilization function, the storage tank is equipped with UV lamp or ozone, chlorine dioxide generator, which can sterilize and prevent the reproduction and pollution of microorganisms and germs. Try not to use the method of adding fungicides in the water tank to ensure water safety.

4. Descaling function, in the case of high calcium and magnesium ions in the water and high hardness, use resin softening or a suitable descaling agent.

5. Drinking function, can meet the cooking and drinking requirements, using UF or RO membrane filter, effectively filter the organic matter and ultra-fine TSS in the water, and even salt, to achieve deep purification.

6. Cost saving, can realize the separate treatment of domestic water and drinking water, saving costs.




Hotels, villas, resorts, playgrounds, schools, dormitories, shopping malls, supermarkets, communities and other areas with a lot of water, including places without running water, such as islands, remote factories, and farms.

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