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Electroplating wastewater treatment solution
Water treatment design for electroplating industry, Electroplating wastewater utilization, Electroplating sewage equipment
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Provide solutions and equipment for wastewater treatment in electroplating plants
Type of wastewater treated
Plating parts cleaning wastewater treatment, electroplating liquid wastewater treatment, electroplating workshop other wastewater treatment, electroplating equipment cooling water treatment, polishing, polishing, sandblasting, rolling, brushing and other wastewater treatment, oily, rusty wastewater treatment, electrochemical treatment (Including electrochemical degreasing and electrochemical erosion, etc.) Wastewater.

Wastewater treatment effect
According to the original wastewater report, it can treat the complex components in the wastewater, including chromium, cadmium, nickel, copper, zinc, gold, silver and other heavy metal ions and cyanide, etc., to achieve recycling of recycled water or standard water quality discharge.

Electroplating wastewater treatment method
1. Air flotation includes three types: inflatable air flotation, dissolved air flotation and electrolytic air flotation. The air-floatation solid-liquid separation technology is highly adaptable and can treat chromium plating wastewater, chromium-containing passivation wastewater and mixed wastewater. Not only can remove heavy metal hydroxides, but also other suspended solids, emulsified oils, surfactants, etc.
2. Ion exchange method
The ion exchange method mainly uses the exchange ions in the ion exchange resin to exchange certain ions in the electroplating wastewater to remove them, and to purify the wastewater.
3. The electrolysis method does not need to add treatment chemicals, has a simple process, convenient operation, and occupies less production space. At the same time, due to the high purity of the recovered metal, it has good economic benefits for the recovery of precious metals.
4. Extraction method
The extraction method is a method in which a solvent that is insoluble in water but can dissolve a certain substance (called a solute or extract) in the water is added to the wastewater, so that the solute is fully dissolved in the solvent, so as to separate and remove or recover the substance from the wastewater.

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