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Design of water treatment solution for oil washing industry
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Water Quality Analysis

1. Overview (The water treatment plan comes from the actual case of our company's water treatment service), The sewage generated by this project mainly includes mechanical maintenance car wash wastewater and parts cleaning water. The wastewater mainly contains suspended solids and waste grease. After collection System-processing, Sewage water quantity, water quality and discharge characteristics
2. Water volume parameters
Daily sewage discharge: Qd= 5m3/d
Designed sewage treatment capacity: Qs = 1m3/h
3. Water quality parameters

Type of wastewaterPollutantsCODcr (mg/L)BODg (mg/L)ss (mg/L)Petroleum (mg/L)PH value
Oily wastewaterInfluent concentration1000
Standard limit90

4. The cleaning wastewater contains a large amount of suspended solids and waste grease, and has the characteristics of high COD and SS. Coagulation sedimentation is this more feasible and mature physical and chemical treatment technology.
Because the discharge requirement of this project is the first-level standard for the second period, the project adopts the treatment process of "oil separation and residue separation + coagulation sedimentation".

Process flow


Process description:

The parts cleaning wastewater is led to the newly built sump on the side of the hook machine cleaning area through the pipeline for collection, and then automatically pumped into the three-stage oil and slag trap by the sewage lift pump for treatment; the hook machine cleaning wastewater is collected through the ditch and enters the original After preliminary precipitation and oil separation in the grease trap, the sewage lift pump is automatically pumped into the three-stage oil and residue trap for treatment. After the separation and treatment of the three-stage oil and residue trap, the waste water is automatically removed from the grease trap by the lift pump The third compartment is pumped into the coagulation sedimentation tank to use sewage treatment chemicals, The reaction of PAC and PAM in the pipeline mixer separates the suspended solids and soluble oils in the sewage in the sedimentation tank. The clear water flows into the clear pool through the inclined pipe from the upper part, and the sediment is pumped into the sludge concentration through the sludge pump The barrel is then pumped into the plate and frame filter press through a diaphragm pump for dehydration, and the dehydrated mud cake is transported for processing.

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