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Pharmaceutical factory water treatment program
Industrial water treatment program, Water treatment design, Industrial RO water treatment design
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Provide wastewater treatment solutions and equipment for pharmaceutical factories

Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment
Fermentation drug wastewater treatment, chemical synthesis drug wastewater treatment, extraction drug wastewater treatment, traditional Chinese medicine wastewater treatment, bioengineering drug wastewater treatment, mixed preparation drug wastewater treatment.

Water quality treatment standard
Targeted treatment of different organic pollutants, reduction of concentration, reduction of COD and BOD values, treatment of wastewater color, removal of refractory biological and toxic and harmful substances, removal of SS, animal and vegetable oils, ammonia nitrogen, TOC, total zinc, Total cyanide, volatile phenol, formaldehyde, acetonitrile, etc., using water can meet the emission standards.

Treatment method of pharmaceutical wastewater
  1. Physical and chemical method Physical and chemical method can be used as a pretreatment method to improve the biodegradability of wastewater, and it can also be used as an advanced treatment method to make the effluent discharge up to standard. The main physical and chemical treatment methods include coagulation, adsorption, air flotation, ion exchange and membrane separation.
 2. Chemical method Chemical method is a traditional method of wastewater treatment. At present, oxidation method, electrolysis method and advanced oxidation method are more common.
 3. Biochemical method In the process of pharmaceutical wastewater treatment, the use of aerobic or anaerobic biological treatment alone often cannot achieve the expected treatment effect, so a combination of multiple methods is often used to meet the emission standards



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