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Palm oil plant application RO water treatment system solution
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Oily wastewater analysis

Oily substances in oily wastewater usually exist in three states: 1. Floating with oil, and the oil droplets have a particle size greater than 100μm, which is easy to separate from the wastewater. Oil products have large particles dispersed in wastewater, and oily wastewater treatment facilities have a particle size greater than 100 microns, which is easy to separate from wastewater. In petroleum wastewater, this oil accounts for 60 to 80% of the total oil content in the water. 2. Disperse the oil. The oil droplets have a particle size between 10 and 100 μm, suspended in water. 3. Emulsified oil, the particle size of the oil droplets is less than 10μm, and the particle size of the oil dispersed in the wastewater is very small, in an emulsified state, and is not easy to separate from the wastewater. The size of the oil content varies according to the industry, and the actual content is also different. The content of other substances is based on the actual measurement, and the water treatment plan is determined through the above ideas. The following is an example of wastewater treatment in a palm oil plant.

Project objective

  1. Sewage from the palm oil plant has undergone biochemical treatment and belongs to the
    nature of reclaimed water.Reclaimed water volume : 20m2/h,

  2. Rec laimed water indicators:
      COL OR<100ADMI
      COD/TSS/PH temporarily unknown

      Ca2+/Mg2+ unknown content

      Fe2+ as other heavy metals unknown content

  3. Reclaimed water is treated by RO system into pure water and recycled.

    Claim: TDS<200mg/L, PH6-8
    COLOR<20ADMI (Colorless and transparent, odorless)

Project Analysis

1.After the above Reclaimed water is treated by RO system, TDS, PH and COLOR can meet the requirements. After recycling, that can be used for boiler water and other purposes by plant.
2.Ca2+/Mg2+ is the cause of boiler scale and affect heat transfer,which affecting RO membrane filtration effect and service life,so escaler must be added to remove. The addition amount is based on the test report of the Sewage composition.
3.RO system under the standard pressure of 7-8kg/cm2, the TDS of 20m3 sewage is reduced from 4000mg/L to 200mg/L, the desalination rate is >95%, the comprehensive water, production rate is about 85%, and part of the high-salt concentrated water will flow out. , There-flux concentration treatment has low value and high energy consumption. It can be collected or discharged according to the actual situation of the factory location.
4.The system is equipped with an automatic timing back-washing device and a chemical agent adding device to maintain the filtering effect of the system and maximize the service life of the medium and membrane until it is scrapped and replaced. The resulting small amount of sewage and concentrated water are treated together.

Flow chart of process design



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