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Provide wastewater treatment solutions and equipment services for factories
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The company provides one-stop wastewater treatment services for factories, sewage treatment, water recycling, solutions, systems, equipment, materials and other services. Using new technologies, in addition to low costs, our company undertakes the following factory business:

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Rubber plant wastewater treatment
Treat rubber whey, protein, lipid, sugar, inorganic salt, etc. in wastewater. Coagulation wastewater treatment, rubber washing wastewater treatment, washing wastewater treatment, etc.

Ceramic factory wastewater treatment
Ceramic raw material preparation wastewater treatment, glaze preparation wastewater treatment, kiln cooling wastewater treatment, spray drying tower washing wastewater treatment, polishing cooling wastewater treatment, press filter water treatment, workshop washing wastewater treatment, chemical raw material suspended particles, grease, lead, cadmium , Zinc, iron and other toxic pollutants wastewater treatment.

Palm oil plant water treatment
Oil-water separation treatment, remove slick oil, loose oil, emulsified oil in wastewater, in addition to low COD, BOD

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Electroplating plant water treatment
Plating parts cleaning water wastewater treatment, waste electroplating solution treatment, equipment cooling wastewater treatment, metal surface treatment wastewater, treatment of harmful metal ions in electroplating wastewater, etc.

Plastic plant water treatment
Plastic cleaning wastewater treatment, plastic cooling wastewater treatment, organic matter in wastewater treatment, and suspended solids in wastewater treatment, effectively reducing COD, SS and other indicators.

Other industries

Wastewater treatment solutions and equipment for other industries, chemical wastewater, printing and dyeing wastewater, mining wastewater, textile wastewater, coal washing wastewater, latex wastewater, fertilizer wastewater

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