Committed to the filtration and purification of industrial liquids

PO (Polyolefin) Porous filter membrane material
0.03-0.05um UF grade aperture, Stretching/chemical phase separation into pores
IV infusion PTFE filter membrane, medical gas PTFE microporous membrane, air cut-off membrane
The PTFE Hydrophobic fluid filter membrane suitable for IV filters is composed of waterproof and breathable PTFE nano and microfiber membranes. In medical infusion, the liquid medicine bottle needs to be connected to the atmosphere to avoid
Medical industry PTFE breathable membrane, Medical device protective breathable membrane
PTFE medical breathable membrane, which is highly resistant to blood and viruses (liquid or gas). Resistant to microorganisms and particulate matter, high titer reduction and water intrusion
PVDF membrane, polyvinylidene fluoride microfiltration membrane, transfer membrane 0.45µm
PVDF membrane has higher protein binding capacity than nitrocellulose, used in western blotting technology, from a full set of technical data and sample testing
PES membrane hydrophilicity, PES filter membrane roll
Polyethersulfone (PES) microporous membrane has natural hydrophilic properties, so it has high water flux, very low protein adsorption capacity, pH2-12, particle rejection rate greater than 99.99
Nylon membrane, PA filter membrane, nylon film roll
Nylon filter membrane pore size 0.2 to 1.2 μm, supported, hydrophilic, low extraction, inert, durable material, compatible with a wide range of solvents.
PS PP PAN RC NC CA membrane, Polyacrylonitrile, polypropylene, polystyrene, Polyamide, Cellulose acetate, Regenerated cellulose, Nitrocellulose membrane
Various film roll specifications, round cut specifications and sizes, customized service with price increase
PTFE membrane, Teflon microfiltration membrane,filter thin film roll
PTFE Microfiltration Membranes: Naturally hydrophilic, hydrophobic, oleophobic, non-laminated and laminated options, durable, resistant to acids, alkalis and solvents, stable at high temperatures for a wide range of industries.
Track Etched Membrane, PET/PC heavy ion microporous membrane, Nuclear porous membrane
PET PC Track etching membrane, also known as nuclear track etched microporous membrane and orbital etched membrane filter, is a high-precision filter material manufactured by accelerated heavy ion bombardment and chemical etching.
perfluorinated PTFE filter membrane, perfluorinated PTFE membrane
HHSTECH provides PTFE membranes for perfluorinated industry filtration, which are made of fluorine materials with strong chemical compatibility and meet various filtration requirements in strong polar environments.
PTFE Membranes for Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical OEM PTFE Membranes
PTFE membrane has wide chemical compatibility, effective retention rate, is an effective barrier for microorganisms and particulate matter, and has the advantages of easy operation.
Microelectronics PTFE protective membrane, PTFE membrane for semiconductor
PTFE membrane has strong hydrophobicity and the ability to repel water-based fluids (hydrophobicity), which can protect equipment from external water vapor, volatile organic compounds, acid gases, etc.
PTFE membrane for air filtration, PTFE non-laminated membrane filter
Different specifications of PTFE hydrophobic membrane filters are available, suitable for applications such as air, gas and sterilization and exhaust, dust removal, sterilization filtration and ventilation, with high air flow and long service
PTFE filter membrane, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane filter
PTFE membrane filters are robust, resistant to acids, alkalis and solvents, and are stable at high temperatures (pore diameter size 0.03-5 microns) with high flow, high accuracy and cost-effectiveness.
PTFE PP Supported Hydrophilic Membrane, PTFE Polypropylene Hydrophilic Membrane
PTFE Strong hydrophilic membrane with polypropylene (PP) support for high performance in liquid filtration, no pre-wetting, clean, no shedding of surfaces, chemical and high temperature resistance, high flow rates.
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