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Types of membrane filtration, specifications of microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis
Membrane filtration technology is used in many industries. Its main method is the separation process through membranes. It is mostly used in mixtures. Membranes can be used to separate inorganic particles in mixtures.
PTFE waterproof and breathable membrane, hydrophobic filter membrane manufacturer
PTFE waterproof and breathable membrane is also called ptfe film, e-ptfe microporous membrane, polymer waterproof membrane, microporous filtration membrane, micros breathable membrane, waterproof pressure relief membrane, pressure balance membrane, dustproof and waterproof membrane, micro Erles waterproof membrane, hydrophobic and breathable membrane, etc.
What are the functions and characteristics of the total heat exchange membrane
​Fresh air systems, heat recovery in factories, and reuse of lost energy in cold energy industries are all inseparable from total heat exchangers, and the best element for heat exchange and recovery is total heat exchange membranes. So, what are the functions and advantages of the total heat exchange membrane?
Why track etched membrane is the most accurate membrane filter material
How to achieve the filtration of microparticles with equal diameter specifications, or the filtration of particles with specific directional sizes, it is recommended to use track-etched membranes. The main reasons are based on the following points
Polyolefin waterproof and breathable membrane, low-cost replacement of PTFE, PVDF, PES membrane new technology application
​The polyolefin waterproof and breathable membrane is the latest innovative technology of our company. The polyolefin waterproof and breathable membrane is manufactured by mechanical biaxial stretching…
What membrane can replace the high price PTFE membrane?
Although the market competition for microporous membranes is fierce, the prices of raw material membranes such as PTFE membranes, PVDF membranes, and PES membranes have always remained high. On the one hand, there is no product that can replace these membranes. In this way, for production enterprises, the cost of raw material membranes has always been the main factor affecting profits. So, is there a product that can replace the above membranes (including PTFE, PVDF, PES, etc.)?
Total heat exchange membrane, heat exchange membrane manufacturer, heat exchange recovery membrane
​Total heat exchange membrane is a high-performance heat exchange filter membrane used for total heat exchange elements. The heat exchange filter membrane has excellent thermal conductivity, moisture permeability, gas barrier properties, and has water resistance and anti-virus properties.
Best Filtration Membrane, Track Etch Membrane, Nuclear Pore Membrane Applications in Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication
​Grinding and polishing are very important processes in semiconductor and wafer manufacturing. The quality of the abrasive in this process determines the polishing effect of the wafer surface. The ideal result is that the workpiece surface just reaches the thickness that needs to be removed.
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