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PTFE filter membrane, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane filter
PTFE membrane filters are robust, resistant to acids, alkalis and solvents, and are stable at high temperatures (pore diameter size 0.03-5 microns) with high flow, high accuracy and cost-effectiveness.
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IV infusion PTFE filter membrane, medical gas PTFE microporous membrane, air cut-off membrane
The PTFE Hydrophobic fluid filter membrane suitable for IV filters is composed of waterproof and breathable PTFE nano and microfiber membranes. In medical infusion, the liquid medicine bottle needs to be connected to the atmosphere to avoid
perfluorinated PTFE filter membrane, perfluorinated PTFE membrane
HHSTECH provides PTFE membranes for perfluorinated industry filtration, which are made of fluorine materials with strong chemical compatibility and meet various filtration requirements in strong polar environments.
PTFE Membranes for Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical OEM PTFE Membranes
PTFE membrane has wide chemical compatibility, effective retention rate, is an effective barrier for microorganisms and particulate matter, and has the advantages of easy operation.
Microelectronics PTFE protective membrane, PTFE membrane for semiconductor
PTFE membrane has strong hydrophobicity and the ability to repel water-based fluids (hydrophobicity), which can protect equipment from external water vapor, volatile organic compounds, acid gases, etc.

Product introduction
HThe membrane has more pores per unit area, uniform size and small diffusion flow, including hydrophobic membrane and hydrophilic membrane, with complete specifications, which are widely used in liquid and gas filtration.


Hydrophobic membrane
1. Inherently hydrophobic, high flow rate
2. High filtration precision
3. Clean, no shedding, low dissolution
4. Long service life
5. Chemical resistance, high temperature resistance

Application industry:
1. Gas filtration
2. Organic solvent filtration
3. Filtration of strong corrosive chemicals
4. High-purity chemical filtration, etc.

Hydrophilic membrane
Strong hydrophilicity and permanent hydrophilicity High flow rate and high filtration accuracy Clean, no shedding, low extractables, long service life, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance without pre-wetting and dry storage

Application industry:
1. Pharmaceutical industry, sterile filtration of various water-soluble solvents
2. Microelectronic semiconductors
3. Eye drops, sterile filtration of antibiotics
4. Sterile filtration of strong corrosive solvents and organic solvents
5. Filtration of strong corrosive water-soluble chemicals

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The latest technology
Our company's latest research and development of PO Polyolefin Porous membrane biaxial stretching-chemical phase separation technology can replace PTFE, PVDF, PES, SMS, DuPont paper and other membrane materials, which can save more than 30-50% of the cost. If you are interested, click here >>>

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