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IV infusion PTFE filter membrane, medical gas PTFE microporous membrane, air cut-off membrane
The PTFE Hydrophobic fluid filter membrane suitable for IV filters is composed of waterproof and breathable PTFE nano and microfiber membranes. In medical infusion, the liquid medicine bottle needs to be connected to the atmosphere to avoid
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perfluorinated PTFE filter membrane, perfluorinated PTFE membrane
HHSTECH provides PTFE membranes for perfluorinated industry filtration, which are made of fluorine materials with strong chemical compatibility and meet various filtration requirements in strong polar environments.
PTFE Membranes for Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical OEM PTFE Membranes
PTFE membrane has wide chemical compatibility, effective retention rate, is an effective barrier for microorganisms and particulate matter, and has the advantages of easy operation.
Microelectronics PTFE protective membrane, PTFE membrane for semiconductor
PTFE membrane has strong hydrophobicity and the ability to repel water-based fluids (hydrophobicity), which can protect equipment from external water vapor, volatile organic compounds, acid gases, etc.

Product introduction
The PTFE Hydrophobic fluid filtration membrane suitable for IV filters is composed of a waterproof and breathable PTFE nanoscale microfiber membrane. During the infusion process, the liquid medicine bottle needs to be connected to the atmosphere to avoid blood sucking back, waterproof and antibacterial, and prevent injection leakage, In addition, in the IV liquid filter, it is necessary to balance the pressure to achieve the effect of waterproof and breathable. PTFE membrane is the best membrane for filtration of water, medical liquids, precision liquids, etc.

Membrane application
Waterproof, breathable and bacterial filter media used in medical IV infusion set filters, syringe filters, etc.


Product Features
1. Clean, no shedding, low dissolution - ensure a clean environment
2. High particle removal rate - up to 99.999%
3. Hydrophobic - Gas cannot pass through water
4. Oleophobic - oleophobic while allowing gas to pass through
5. High Air Permeability - Ensures ventilation and pressure balance
6. Chemically inert - to ensure the reliability of ventilation
7. Thermal stability - suitable for a variety of environments
8. Low cost sealing
9. Customize the product according to the application

Water droplets, dust and bacteria are effectively intercepted
Only water vapour is allowed to pass through
Porous structure that locks in moisture
Slow evaporation, long-term moisturizing

Product Advantages

● PTFE membrane hole aperture 0.1-0.2um
● It is 1000 times smaller than the particle size of liquid water molecules
● Waterproof performance reaches IP65-IP68 level
● 500 times larger than the water vapor particle size
● Good air flow and exchange can maintain optimum humidity 50-60
● less than the bacterial particle size of 0.22um
● Effective antibacterial and dustproof up to 99.5%
● Fabric fibers will not dry out, oxidize and be broken down by bacteria

Product Specifications

Gram weight(g/m3)30-13030-13030-13030-13030-13060-180
Hole diameter(um)10.450.350.20.150.1
Alcohol bubble point(KPA)20- 3060- 80110-130160 -180180 - 220220 - 280
flow rate(S)2-35-109-1310-1515-2020-25
width(mm)300 -1000300-1000300 - 1000300 - 1000300 -1000360 -1200
length(mm)100- 300100 - 300100 - 300100- 300100- 300100- 300

*Product specifications can be customized as required

*HHS medical series PTFE microfiltration membrane can currently replace all brand infusion set filter membranes on the market, and the price is more reasonable. The supply cycle is short and the supply is sufficient. Testing is welcome.

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The latest technology
Our company's latest research and development of PO Polyolefin Porous membrane biaxial stretching-chemical phase separation technology can replace PTFE, PVDF, PES, SMS, DuPont paper and other membrane materials, which can save more than 30-50% of the cost. If you are interested, click here >>>

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